Flawless Foundation Tutorial

Jul 11, 2020 | Tutorials

Flawless foundation shouldn’t equal a thick, caked on, too much make-up look. In this tutorial I’ll give you a few quick tips to achieve a beautiful foundation finish with a few simple products.

Step 1: Prepare Skin

Limelife by Alcone One Drop Wonder Oil

Before adding any foundation or concealer to your skin make sure it’s well moisturised. Pay particular attention to stubborn dry patches and the delicate areas under the eyes as these are the places that make-up can tend to ‘settle’ – ruining your flawless finish! I recommend One Drop Wonder Oil it’s great for rehydrating the skin and plumping it up ready for step 2!

Step 2: Prime

To create a flawless finish a good primer is essential. A primer creates an extra layer between your makeup products and your skin. It helps to stop foundation and concealer from creasing. I love and totally recommend the Limelife by Alcone First Base primer – its quick and easy to use and you get perfect results everytime!

Limelife by Alcone First Base Primer

Step 3: Colour Correction

Limelife by Alcone Concealer Options

It’s a little known fact that there are different colours and types of concealer to perform different ‘jobs’ in the creation of a flawless finish. The first thing we need to do is correct any discoloration. Using a ‘peach’ toned corrector on the under eye area will knock back the blue shadows. A ‘green’ toned corrector will reduce and disguise redness from spots and blemishes, broken veins and rosacea. I apply using a small brush or my ring finger, I push the concealer into my skin and blend. Find a range of excellent concealers here.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

Limelife by Alcone Creme Foundation – click to view all colour options.

You can apply your foundation using either a brush, a beauty blender or your fingers. I prefer to use a brush to achieve a flawless finish. Pick up some foundation on your brush. Begin in the centre of your face and work out over using a gentle circular motion – like your polishing your face! Keep going adding a little more foundation as needed until you’ve achieved the level of coverage you need.

Step 5: Conceal

At this stage, double check that all important under eye area.
If you feel like you need to brighten this area further, then now is the perfect time to go in with an under eye or brightening concealer. Apply a few dots of your chosen product under your eye area, remember to use a small amount of product in this area to help prevent a cakey/chalky appearance. Blend the product really well in to your skin.

Step 6: Finish & Set

Once your happy with the coverage of your foundation and concealer its time to ‘set’ your makeup.
Firstly, apply a powder. I like to use the Perfect Colour Pressed Powders from LimeLfe by Alcone, but you can also use a Translucent Powder, pressed or loose. Take care not to over apply your powder – you need just a touch and take extra care around those areas that have fine lines.
The final step, a quick spritz of Setting Spray and there you go – Flawless In 6 Easy Steps!

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