Animal testing in the cosmetics industry is cruel and unnecessary. That is why I have chosen to makeup and skincare products which are 100% cruelty free.

I feel we have been duped by some of the big names in beauty over the years into thinking their products were actually ‘good for us’. I now realise that this is most certainly not the case!

Many of the staples you trust for their beauty benefits are harbouring nasty ingredients that can actually cause us harm. We now know that cumulative expose to toxins is dangerous. Its a shocking statistic that the average woman wears over 500 chemicals a day !

You can rest assured the products I use not only give amazing results, they are also a treat for your skin and body. I am really passionate about limiting mine and my clients exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, thankfully lots of my favourite brands feel the same way.

Just a few of the brands I love and use….

LimeLife by Alcone

Charlotte Tilbury

Soap Brows


Bare Minerals



Urban Decay